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    B&B Artigiana

    A family passion ...
    A union of forces with a long tradition ...

    The B&B ARTIGIANA produces riffler files, precision rasps for carving, cabinetmaking and violin making and "hand-made" gouges for working with wood and light stone.

    The experience and the craftsmanship acquired in over twenty years in the production of high-quality rasps entirely created by hand, the desire to continue a "big" family tradition based on the creation and production of unique tools, together with the acquisition in 2012, the Società Cooperativa Artigiana, a company located in the heart of Italy rich in history and tradition, specializing in manufacturing of hand-carved rasps for sculpture and other special uses, have led to the creation of the B&B ARTIGIANA founded in 2012 by Mauro Bassoli with her sister Alessia, creating a family business in which every member is an active part. The company is the result of deep and genuine passion and tradition handed down by his father Sergio, who, with great commitment and devotion, has devoted her entire life to this work.

    Mauro deals with all aspects of production: the careful selection of the best steel until the entire process of transformation of the product, comprising the steps of forging, annealing, grinding and manual rasps teeth - so as to make each piece unique and precious - hardening and sanding to achieve an excellent final product.

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