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    Hock blades

    The planes are tools widely used in all laboratories where people works wood. Even if it be granted, this is a very useful and versatile. And they work better with a better blade. Hock blades allow for better grinding and cut longer even on hard woods like ebony.

    These 3/32” thick blades offer a substantial improvement over the inferior chrome-vanadium junk that comes with most new tools. Hock high carbon steel blades can be honed easier and sharper. Hock Cryogenically treated A2 blades will hold an edge longer. All will fit 99.9% of Stanley and Record style block and bench planes with no modifications other than a simple frog adjustment.

    Which HOCK blade do I need for my Block Plane?
    We offer four different block plane blades in two different alloys. The first determinant is the blade width, either 1 3/8” or 1 5/8”. The next is the width of the slot in the center of the blade. It will be either about 7/16” wide or about 5/8” wide. Available in our Tool Steel.

    1-3/8” wide Blade 7/16” slot: BL138 (HC) or BLA138 (A2) 5/8” slot:  BW138 (HC) or BWA138 (A2)
    1-5/8” wide Blade 7/16” slot:  BL162 (HC) or BLA162 (A2) 5/8” slot:  BW162 (HC) or BWA162 (A2)

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